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الأحد، 23 يناير 2011

Boats Sun Pharaonic

1954 at the base of the Great Pyramid in Giza to Egypt was noted by chance, there is two holesMsagovin when Hadpherm Khufu South found at the bottom of Ihaddahmoaly ship Brokenelaborate sculpture of cedar wood and connected together with ropes, does not detract from anypart has been installed, bringing length of forty meters called the boat the sun, called the ship of Cheops and known to be Funerary vessels to go to restore the life of the holy places Ships spirit of the gods

And tells the legend of Ra that children from Crogah (Khepri) a man full pm (Ra) too old for the evening (Atom) live in two boats by the doctrine of the Pharaohs are the boats of Ra which is the disk of the sun and the sun ships at sea, heavenly. Inspired the journey of the sun daily through the sky myths that Re incorporated in the sun, where texts describe sunrise on the eastern shore where the remote greets a band of monkeys as they appear from the water if the animals are waking up to the appearance of gleeful dancing sun

Afterward riding Ra ship day-sail across the sky until the evening Badzlk transmitted from his ship day-to-ship night waiting for him in the underworld before Crogah again and wove legends and stories about the journey of the sun and the sun boats Oosevinp the sun, as in the doctrine of the ancient Egyptians began Kings Pharaohs in call themselves the son of Ra since the era of Khafre era builders of the pyramids and has been the relationship of solar titles of ownership until the end of Egyptian history, Pharaohs and Heliopolis was the headquarters of the god Ra, where he was headed Altasus on behalf of the Atom and chaired the Ra group gods official in the Fifth Dynasty to the back of Amun to be a priority He wrote, followed by Amon-Ra - Ra was Amenhotep IV had changed his name to Akhenaten and Akhetaten built the city and a symbol of his god Aten sun disk and called for unification