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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tibetan Plateau

Qinghai - Tibet, which exceeds the rate of increase 4000? Above sea level is the highest of its kind in the world. Describe rights, usually, as the nearest spot on the earth from the sun. The road building in a place called the "Heavenly Road". And it considered the railroad being built in full swing, now, a path of iron leads to a "heaven".
There is a high plateau, high in the south-west China prone to the north .. The average elevation of more than 4000? Above sea level, and topped with more than 50 top high-rise Anov up to 7000 meters above sea level .. Including Mount Qomolangma, a gain of over 8000 meters above sea level .. is the highest of its kind above the earth. This part of the plateau areas of the world embrace the sky, and looks as Oanha in Paradise Island, reflected in the air and Taatlf Balltham which is beset with mysteries. . However, a plateau of Qinghai - Tibet, known as the "Roof of the World" or the "Third Pole of the Earth's

 . Always smile in the Discussion tag "cooler"? "Any harm"? "Lack of oxygen?" "Altitude sickness" .. The result of such unique geographic characteristics and barriers to prevent local air without recourse rights to the harassed and they described disturbing .. This configuration ensures the integrated geographical features and species richness of excellence. There would be snow-covered mountains shine bright whiteness, and the sacred lakes of water overflowing the net reflected on the front blue sky and white clouds, and Mashb verdant and vast Gobi desert, home to a myriad of monsters multiple rare species.
  Qinghai - Tibet's vast area and sparsely populated area. The population density per square kilometer of its territory does not exceed four people. By more than ten years ago was one of my colleagues in the elementary school, spent four years there working as a driver for a large truck. He told me that what was being able to see a man and smoke after the cut tens of kilometers in the Baida often drives a truck. And so nearly lost the mind strongly loneliness

 This on the one hand and the other hand, sometimes marked by surprise, in the way some Tibetans, including returning to their homes after they sold the sheep, and Almentgulwn of prairie meadow to another .. And then they stood on either side of the road asking him to allow them the independence of his car. Tibetans of nature like singing. What went up to the car until they started singing without interruption, until the landing of them. The Trabhm voice echoed along the way, my condolences Almistohac