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الأحد، 23 يناير 2011

Temple Srabit server

Srabit server is located in the south-west of the Sinai Peninsula, where the ancient Egyptians to find turquoise in the past. Showed archaeological excavations by Sir Velinrdz Petrie for the old mining camps, in addition to the Temple of Hathor, a goddess of ancient Egyptian used by the ancient Egyptians to protect the desert en route server Srabit very rugged .. It is to rise above the plateau is difficult from all sides .. Effects in them, as well as mines located above the flat surface of the high plateau. Was found in this region on numerous statues bearing the names of the king of the Fourth Dynasty Bent .. King Mentuhotep III Mentuhotep IV, King of the kings of the Eleventh Dynasty and pattern for each of Senusret I and his father's name Omnhamat first. The most famous monuments in the region is the temple of Hathor and other inscriptions Sinaiticus

Temple of Hathor

Was established by King Senusret I of the goddess Hathor, Lady of Turquoise, and then saw the additions in the temple the next numerous times where he began the temple of Hathor cave carved in the mountain, a holy of holies of the temple .. Then constructed in front of another room dedicated to Anhortm frequency of the names of many other kings in the temple
And inscriptions on which these paintings and fronts the rock containing the usual litanies of the goddess .. The total number of inscriptions found in the server 387 Srabit inscription of the two countries of Central and modern .. It does not include inscriptions of the temple, of course, where the missions were sent miners headed by a senior official because the mining of the property of the king. Were inscriptions remember the name of the King and Head of Mission and senior staff

Built by the pharaoh Senusret I of the kings of the Twelfth Dynasty in the Middle Kingdom when the Egyptians discovered the existence of gold, turquoise and precious stones in the Sinai by the ancient Egyptians began prospecting for gold and turquoise

In the era of the modern King Amenhotep the first reform of the destroyed structure of a private hall mobile columns .. As constructed structure faucet Hathor, who was ready to purge the visitors to the temple and then added the second part of Amenemhat this building

 In the era of Alfronin Amenemhat III and IV structure was God and Lord God Hathor During the reign of Tuthmosis III and Hatshepsut added several rooms to the Holy of Holies .. Then the next several rooms in the reign of his son Amenhotep II .. The six rooms were built in the reign of Amenhotep III

In the era of the Eighteenth Dynasty re Fraantha attention Bsrabit server and this interest continued in the age of Thutmose III, Hatshepsut, and Amenhotep Alii and SETE I and Ramses II, Ramses VI, where the number of inscriptions Bsrabit server 387 inscription and perhaps the most important characteristic of the Srabit server as the region that were discovered in 1905 Ketaabat which later known as the inscriptions Sinaiticus, which is out of alphabets