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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

The tourist resort of Dahab in Egypt

Dahab Dahab resort or a tourist city located in South Sinai in Egypt, which is months after the city of Sharm el-Sheikh, where the number of tourists who frequent them. This was the city in the past a small village of fishermen, and was famous in the nineties after the Egyptian government accorded special attention it established hotels and tourist villages in her heart, and still home to some of the nomads so far

Dahab is located on the Gulf of Aqaba at the Red Sea, south east of the Sinai Peninsula, about 100 km to the north of the famous resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, and lies about 140 kilometers from the Israeli city of Eilat. And includes two bays Alkorh Dahab, which is located downtown, and El Gouna.
Dahab consists of two villages, the first village, the village and Bedouin name Alaslh located in the southern half, while the second village is the commercial and administrative part of Dahab, located to the north. Also on the Israeli border, Taba, a Coral Island, where the Crusaders castle can be seen the remains. Dahab and named that name relative to the golden color that characterizes the net sand beaches

 Famous Dahab golden beaches and the sites amazing fit for diving, one of the most prominent activities that visitors can Dahab exercise and is characterized in that as the cheapest among the resorts in which they conduct the sport in the rest of the Sinai, along with safari and spa, and practiced there as well as sky-diving as Sports that the water does not exist in Sharm, a surfboard, riding, sailing, Dahab is characterized by the sport because of the wind speed and wind the fast because the mountains surrounded by views of many .. He spoke low pressure areas and other high pressure, which helps to speed the movement of the wind. Dahab is known as the sport of skydiving, which has become linked to the region to Tdmh centers to teach jumping and various kinds

Dahab consists of the following areas: from north to south: the Ras Abu Jlom a nature reserve and the diving. Area is Alblohol months Dahab diving areas. Canyon area (area diving). By Alblohol Alaslh Canyon and a collection of hotels and villages, some working and some are under construction. Alaslh region, an area home to nearly 75% of the population of the city of Dahab and is composed of (Mubarak City, Alzernouk, Alaslh) Alumblyl area through which parallels the coast road has some small hotels, cafeterias and homes.

 Almspt area, the area's main tourist business and start Dahab Street and Bay Lighthouse Almspt and broadest line of large shops and dive clubs and cafeterias, camps and hotels. Region impregnated and a large number of diving centers and cafeterias and also includes the impact of the only hill there, which is impregnated one of the private stores of old port. Allajona area includes Aaada bit of hotels, diving centers, where it is the only sandy beach in the city. The city of Dahab and includes government agencies and major hotels culminal Valley region, an area under construction will serve as the new Dahab Tdmh from a wide range of hotels and residential complexes and service