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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Turin / Italy

Turin (Italian: Torino pronounced [tori ː no], Balbadmontah: Turin pronounced [tyɾiŋ]) is a city located in northwest Italy, specifically located on the west bank of the River Po, is a city of trade and cultural mission. Turin is the capital of Piedmont region and its largest city, with an area of ​​130.17 km 2. A population of about 900 thousand inhabitants, with its suburbs, a number about a million and half people. Turin is also the capital of the province of Turin and the first capital of united Italy between 1861 and 1865. Away from the French and Swiss border about 100 km, from the west and north respectively.
Turin is one of European cities booming, enjoying the latest technical developments, architectural and enjoy Turin, culture and history of two affluent men, which is well known Bmardha art, restaurants, and churches, and palaces, and opera houses, squares, and parks and gardens, and theaters and libraries, and museums, and location of the other. As is the famous art of its own rococo, baroque, classical and modern movement, and Art Nouveau

 Built a Sicilian architect Filippo Iovara many public squares, castles, gardens, and palaces in Turin. It has been used in its construction the Baroque style, and style of Versailles classic and models and evidence on the use of architectural style of the French in Turin is the Royal Palace, and Balazina de Kakeshia in Stobynaiji, and Basilkih Subirga located on Mount Sassi near the center of Turin, is the destination of many pilgrims.
Called Turin, sometimes the "cradle of liberty Italian," because it was the home of many prominent politicians, people who have contributed to the unification of Italy, such as camphor of Turin's best universities, colleges, academies, and sports halls in Italy and most important of these universities, the University Politecnico di Torino, which is also one of the most prestigious universities all over the world in the fields of architecture and engineering

It also includes important museums of Turin and high-level Egyptian Kalmthv in Turin and the Mall of Antonilyana which constitutes a landmark in the city, and includes the National Museum of Cinema. Turin has many sights and landmarks made ​​it one of the top two hundred and fifty destinations in the world, and the tenth more visit the city in Italy in 2008
Turin was the main European political Taadantrz, as it was the first capital of Italy in 1861, has lived in Turin strain Svuja a royal family in Italy at the time. Torino have lost their political significance because of World War II. And has become a major crossroads for trade and industry in Europe, and is currently one of the major industrial centers in Italy, as part of the "industrial triangle", along with Milan and Genoa. Economic power in Turin occupies third place after the capital, Rome, and Milan, where the GDP of 58 billion dollars, and Turin, occupies 78th richest city in the world in terms of purchasing power and Turin is the center of the automotive industry in Italy

Turin is famous for embracing the shroud of Turin football team Juventus and Torino, and being the headquarters for a number of Italian companies manufacturing vehicles Kviac, and Lancia, and Alfa Romeo. And hosting the Olympic Winter Games in 2006. And known historically as the capital of the Duchy of Savoy since 1563, then the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and finally the first capital of Italy after unification
Turin is located in the north east of Italy, the Alps surrounding the city from points west and north, and surrounded the city from the hills to the east known as the high hills of Monferrato. Turin passseveral important rivers, the Po River and two tributaries of the river, a main Ribarraa River, the River de Stora Enzo

Turin climate is subtropical and humid climate, and because of its proximity to the Alps, theclimate is close to the continental climate. The climate of Turin, in contrast to the prevailingMediterranean climate on the coast of Italy, but the winter is cold and dry, mild summer in the hills and very hot in
the plains

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