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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Safaga / Egypt

English Safaga Safaga port, is an international port in the Red Sea in Egypt. And contains many of the tourist villages which specialized in the training of diving competitions fishing and full of hotels and many fish restaurants world-famous waters specializes in some of the black sand of the special characteristics and are used medically in some cases. Beaches, excellent make it a good place to ski out mountain trekking from the city of Safaga, with mentors guides

No impact on the city's use of the port since the pharaohs 4,000 years. Omenh and started flights to the country of the Horn of Africa پont

The city of Safaga in the south of Hurghada and length of the beaches about 60 km.
And the city has been created in 1911 with the discovery of phosphate. Most of the activities of its inhabitants in the industry, mining and tourism. Hurghada has two main villages:

 - The village of Victory: 85 km through the Safaga - Qena. It is inhabited by the indigenous people of the Sahara.
- Village or Howeitat: 26 km south west of Safaga next to mine phosphate and is surrounded by mountains on all sides
Is the shortest road between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where the distance between the port of Safaga, Duba takes 8 hours, and there is the port village of pilgrims to the service of pilgrims and facilitate the Hajj and Umrah to and from the port of Daba - The city of Safaga earliest cities of the Red Sea to the governorates of the Nile Valley, where about Qena for a distance of 160 km
- The city of Safaga, the diversity of its activities is famous for the production of phosphate, a seaport large is the unloading of wheat and receive raw aluminum and other goods, is a port of the most important ports, Egypt's navy on the continent of Asia and has significant strategic importance to Hapth nature of features not available to any other port

 Characterized Safaga viable tourist and several economic terms is located 65 kilometers south of Hurghada and the small port receives passenger ferries and container ships of trade and there are also nearby phosphate mines, a major center for the export of phosphates linked in Qena in southern Egypt, a paved road with a length of 164 km .

The Safaga port and resort on the shores of the Red Sea has many excellent tourist villages, hotels and restaurants, and features Bhoaúha clean pollution-free, and its water with high salinity and black sand dunes that have a distinct therapeutic properties. The beaches clean and strong winds made ​​it a place ideal for the sport of water skiing. The tourist facilities in Safaga are many, as there are many hotels and tourist guest houses, chalets

The frequency of the name of Safaga in the international media extensively recently and looked forward attention to it when held in the month of June 1995 the world by the results of scientific experiments, medical, experts from several countries around the world to treat a number ofdiseases, especially psoriasis, by treatment of environmental in Safaga. The results wereimpressive as they realize impressive cure rate for many patients the Egyptians and theEuropeans who came to the hospital in Safaga, in addition to her fame in the field of medical tourism

The Safaga from day trips to the Eastern Desert to visit the granite quarries of Mons Claudjnosor to visit Luxor, 220
English medical tourism Medical tourism, is the term given to a type of tourism is doing people move to countries where there are places of health care and often be natural sources such as water, sulfur baths and the warm sand and hot

It is known from ancient times in the middle of Europe and especially in Germany and the State of Czechoslovakia, so named after cities in its name: city of Baden-Baden, Germany, and the Aspadn, and Padhambarak and other section in which the word «Bad», which means the bathroom. And bathrooms Carlovivara (Carlos Bad) in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia Besthana as well as the city of Baden in Switzerland and other cities and sites scattered around the world. The grace of the eyes of mineral water according to their characteristics are not specific to countries and not others, but it exists in many countries of the world, and the difference between these countries is that they are known therapeutic properties, analyzed and developed, and their grown to become a magnet for those who suffer from pain and fatigue

The communist era in Czechoslovakia supported in their tourism resources on these therapeutic baths, so there was a direct air route between Kuwait and the village in Slovakia Bashtani way to transfer those who need treatment. The hallmark of this city is the statue of a man who breaks his stick that came out, leaning, Bashtani clinics participated in the fair last MTF, which means that medical tourism will become an important economic sector like any other sector of the tourism
Sea water
It is no secret that a quarter of the world at the very least go to the shores of the sea during the summer months and especially during the holidays, as this type of the first patterns of tourism. And should therefore be interest in him, especially since everyone feel the vitality and activity in the exercise of water for tourism, making the nations harness the waters of the marine natural treatments. For example, Tunisia and Jordan on the Dead Sea and other countries

Medical tourism industry
Developing countries have become aware of the importance of the tourism industry, therapeutic or curative. Here we see that the Saudi German Hospital has stepped up his advertising propaganda and various private television, including for treatment in Saudi hospitals. Perhaps some believe that this propaganda directed at the Saudi people, but they must take the dimensions of Arab and other Asian.
Treatment clinics
Lebanon was from developed countries in the composition of hospital clinics for tuberculosis disease and the sites featured in the mountains where the fresh air outdoors that is characteristic of some of the Arab cities of the hot weather. And run these clinics charities, including monks, Catholics are Sanatorium Bahnas and Dule Hamana and had the finest doctors and managed the level of four stars, if not five, where hygiene and personal care for the sick and the patients occupy for long periods may extend to two years and was frequented by well-off from the Arab countries were not expenses of treatment and stay in expensive but the level of the capacity of middle-income countries

.Has been to control the disease and cases is few and become susceptible to other medications such as contagious, forcing the clinics to develop remedial programs to cope with diseases, fast treatment for patients with local

 What the above models in the development of start-Arab medical tourism in Europe. For example, we see dozens of hospitals were built specifically for foreign patients, including hospital Kromal Road, etc. If we look at the Harley Street Street's world-famous as the center of the most important doctors in England feel that doctors in the street, rented rooms in hours, not months or days, where the Secretariat building, the receipt of intelligence and scheduling appointments for most doctors the building, and comes at the designated doctor to examine his patients in the room assigned to him and his clinic as a permanent and sends his patients to do risk analysis and X-rays and tests are required in laboratories and hospitals located in the same street or nearby.

Other treatment clinics
The crises and cases of psychological addiction and other chronic diseases are becoming increasingly diverse and the momentum of life in our time and this is not competent for the poor but the rich are the most susceptible, which requires the establishment of specialized clinics and other high levels. There are clinics and hospitals in high-level psychiatric in England in the name of Priory hospital to treat mental illness and addiction frequented by patients from all over the world to spend long periods of treatment extend to months.
The role of the infirm and the elderly
A broad sector is spreading in Europe and this role is home to the elderly who Enshrined some money for their old age to enjoy the care and company of fellow age or old age where they prefer to live alone in their homes free of compassion, has become the pattern is also a section of economic sectors

Medical Tourism in Egypt
Bmdnha and Egypt was famous for its mineral and sulfur-free and dry atmosphere of moisture and soil Mathtwe of sand and silt for the treatment of many diseases, and the multiplicity of its beaches and water seas, with its unique natural properties.
The spread in [Egypt] and mineral sulfur springs that the unique chemical features installed. Which exceeds the rate of all mineral and sulfur springs in the world. Furthermore the availability of silt in the pools of these sulfur springs with its therapeutic properties of the cured many diseases, bone and digestive diseases and respiratory and skin diseases, etc., as also proven treatment for patients with rheumatoid arthritis by burial in the sand

Research also confirmed that the waters of the Red Sea and the presence of chemical laden with coral reefs, which help the healing of psoriasis. There are various tourist areas, which have the advantage of medical tourism in Egypt, areas of known historic ancient, such as: Helwan, Ain-Sira, Al Ain Sukhna, Hurghada, Fayoum, the oasis, Aswan, Sinai, and finally the city of Safaga parked on the beach of the Red Sea, which has all the elements of tourism treatment and to be visited tourist groups and fame that comes black sand have the ability to get rid of some skin diseases.
The ancient Egyptians believed that the human will send a second after his death to live the life of eternity and so were keen to retain the bodies of the dead through the stuffed, and the mummification process means the ancient Egyptians, as they observed burying the dead bodies away from the infiltration of water and placed in the graves vulnerable in dry places in the desert inside the pyramids, and these operations are under the advanced medical science and qualified doctors are able to use all the largesse of the nature of the pharmaceutical substances and chemical

  .Before the birth of Jesus gave birth to three thousand years Egypt "Aamahotb" Dean of Medicine and pioneering the first global consensus of historians. The name means Alheiroglevy who comes in peace, "the minister that the doctor architect of the high priest singers, and above all, Rafie said the first stone in history: the pyramid of the King" Zoser "Saqqara.
On the humanity after the child, the first was given to Egypt in "Oamahotb" medical genius, says his "James Henry Breasted," and Kurt olive oil "that the inventor first art of medicine without a competitor. Abdul in Memphis agency for recovery. And saying," Owsley ": it is the first picture of a doctor realistic, and became a popular loved God

 With the growing archaeological discoveries, which left over time emerged the importance of medical and therapeutic for many of the sites in parts of Egypt, such as Helwan, Fayoum, south of the Sinai and Safaga to enjoy these places of mineral water, sand and dunes are able to treat and cure many incurable diseases in our world today, such as skin diseases and rheumatic.
We have realized the importance of medical and therapeutic Faqamt these places for the care and attention where it became the most prestigious places of healing the world.
Thus, Egypt occupied a privileged position on the map medical tourism has become a popular destination for those who want treatment from all over the world, with the tourists to enjoy the climate of health and medical treatment, natural under the auspices of medical specialists in all branches and modern hospitals having the latest equipment global supported by specialists in exercise and physical therapy at the highest the level of service. in addition to providing a variety of tourist programs to visit the places Alchristip unique in Egypt

 Spread in Egypt from the eyes of hundreds of wells and natural mineral water and sulfur, vary in depth and capacity and temperature of 30.73 degrees Celsius. Proved analysis laboratory to contain a lot of these natural springs at the highest rate of sulfur compared to wells located in various parts of the world as it contains natural water on several metal salts and some minerals with therapeutic value such as sodium carbonate and varying proportions of some metallic elements such as magnesium and iron.
As shown by measurements laboratory appropriateness of salinity in the natural water resources for the purposes of hospital and is added to the proliferation of water wells, natural clean drinking water, which has expanded investment in Egypt and produced economically in recent years under the control of rigorous scientific quality and standards in terms of purity of the impurities and parasites and bacteria, and the degree of water hardness and chemical composition, which has led many national and foreign companies to compete for major investment in this area

It was not the sands of Egypt are less affluent than water studies have shown to contain the Egyptian desert sand dunes on the percentage of safe and great interest of the radioactive elements, has resulted in treatment bury the body or painful situation it with sand for extended periods of deliberate, specific to unprecedented results in several diseases, rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and pain resulting from spinal diseases and other causes of acute and chronic pain, which puzzled the modern medicine