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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in New York City / America

Economic capital of the United States to the large corporate headquarters, and the international banks. There is the headquarters of the United Nations and the stock market the Dow Jones industrial average.
Of the most famous neighborhoods: Manhattan and the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. The famous street called Broadway, which held many of the theater and Central Park is one of the largest parks in the world
Giovanni de Verrazano explored the Port of New York in 1524. In 1624 founded the first Dutch colony in the city of Fort Orange, now the city of Albany, the capital of New York. The Peter Minoat bought Manhattan Island from the Indians in the same year and founded the colony of New York City Nioamstrdam now. Invaded the British colony of the Netherlands in June 24, 1664, and occupied in October 1664

.Lost city in the midst of the events of 11 September 2001 suicide bombing of the World Trade Center towers and the lives of thousands of civilians at the collision of two aircraft are intended them in a terrorist attack; with the condemnation of Muslims as the al Qaeda organization, but an Islamic extremist and out of an Islamic framework. In the same context, the United States has accused al-Qaeda and its leader, Osama bin Laden in the implementation of this attack
New York City is the largest centers of industry and trade, finance, and has the largest public and private institutions. Governmental and industrial institutions provide seven million jobs, of which three million and a third of a million jobs in the inner city, and the rest in the suburbs. And the economy of the city and its suburbs continued to grow. Since 1940, the suburbs and the economy develops further as a result of the spread of roads and increase the workforce.

Comes New York ranked third after Los Angeles and Chicago, in terms of industrial activity; as there is a 17.000 plant operating in the field of garments, and produces the New York sixth U.S. production of printing and publishing, and producing food, chemicals, furniture, paper and textiles. The Port of New York of the largest ports that work in the field of import and export, which employs 200,000 workers, but its position has deteriorated a bit after opening other ports on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. The corporate money, insurance, stocks and real estate, and the cafeteria with about 495.000 workers, most notably the New York Stock Exchange.
Serve the economic activity in the city's huge network of transportation; as used by three million a day and a half million people. New York is also the largest call center in the United States, where there are many communications companies, printing and publishing, and by about 60 stations for transmission of radio and television

.New York is also one of the largest cultural centers in the world, there are many art galleries, theaters, music, museums, cultural societies, the famous Broadway. Also belong to some of the poets, writers, actors and renowned artists. Resulted in the rich city an important role in supporting cultural activity. As was the presence of an atmosphere of free expression and many of the companies advertising and communication major contribution to the flourishing of culture in the city.
The city is facing several social problems such as poverty, crime, drugs and racial discrimination; In New York alone, half of drug addicts in the United States, and the four million people living on social security benefits

 The housing of the most important problems in New York. It lives about 65% of the population of the city in rented apartments or hotels located in contrast to other states, where most families live in houses owned individually. The majority of homes built before the old city in 1940, and require renewal.
New York City, working out of the crisis after being hit by the atheist attacks of September terrorist attacks that destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center in 2001. Two planes collided while Mdnitan Mkhtoftan towers on the morning of that day which led to the collapse. Where nearly 3 thousand people were killed towers

 .The population of New York as the basis of immigration flowing in time, it is two hundred inhabitants 1626 years witnessed the rise in New York with a population of about a thousand years to 1656 the impact of the arrival of the British and the Germans and Scandinavians. In 1800, the population was 60,000 people and was mostly the British, then the influx of the years between 1850 and 1860 the Germans and Irish in large numbers doubled the number of the population 10 times. At the end of the nineteenth century resulted in the influx of Eastern Europeans and Italians to three times the number doubled.
  Since the Act came into force to repel the quota of immigration during the twenties, I accept the blacks of the city from the southern United States of America in large numbers, bringing number of 5.2 million inhabitants. In 1990 the number of foreign-born residents of New York by 30% due to the influx of refugees from Southeast Asia and Alkrayib, Africa and South and Central America since the sixties

 It is estimated that New York has its own more than 21 percent of the market banking world consists apparatus banking core of the companies 'Shays Manhattan Bank' and 'Citicorp' and 'Morgan' and 'Pennekars Trust', and includes more of 445 banks, is associated with about 105,000 home filled the World bank to commercial activities. Today, these activities tend to expand outside the 'Vest Elvina District' (neighborhood business) to new areas of Brooklyn and Queen's. And New York is also the first reference in the world to assess the stock market, thanks to Macheraldao Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ talk.
  New York and provides its own four-fifths of the activities of the U.S. stock exchanges. And combine the city in addition to those activities most insurance companies of America and the world and more than a thousand of its branches to add four-fifths of the legal services offices and the U.S. Treasury, some of which a global dimension. New York also includes the vast majority of the audit offices of America, which has a global fires

 Provides the geographic location of New York City and the quality of its infrastructure for the transport outlet for market consumption is very important. City are at the same time one of the leading ports in the world and the three airports are "the most airports of the country populated. This dense network of roads to allow access to a huge market and is located on the beam extends over 1200 km around the city, an area that represents about half the population of the United States States and Canada and half their income and their activities