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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Leeds / England

Leeds (in English: Leeds) is a city located in the Duchy of British and West Yorkshire on the River aer Angland in the north, away from the city of York about 40 km. A population of about 430.000 inhabitants (in 2001) making it the second largest city, after Sheffield Yorkshire. Active in textiles, furniture, paper, leather and electrical appliances. Are today's commercial and cultural center in the downtown area of Britain. By a prestigious university, the most important faculties of medicine and engineering are

Intersect in Leeds each of highways M 1 and M 621. Airport Leeds - Bradford about 13 km northwest of the city. The city has a train station provides ground transportation for the rest of the country.
Date of Leeds back to the Roman era, where the fortress built in the existing areas of the city to repel the attacks of enemies, especially those from the north. The modern city was founded in the eighteenth century with the flourishing trade in the region. Especially in the transportation of coal from nearby mines, which lies five kilometers from the Leeds. Was building the first railway line in Britain between Leeds and Madleston mines in 1758, which also went in 1812 the first British steam train. City grew rapidly during the industrial revolution in the nineteenth century, especially through the establishment of many textile factories in the city