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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Kenya

Kenya country in Africa, located east of Africa, experienced by the department tropical, extending its territory to the latitudes five northern equator and 30-40 in the south of supervised borders the eastern Indian Ocean and its neighboring Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, Ethiopia and Sudan to the north and Somalia the north-east.
Kenya's capital Nairobi is a city and there are interior highlands, separated from the coast, five hundred miles closer, followed by the city of Mombasa on the coast and the city of Kisumu and Takoro and overlooking Lake Victoria

.Scientists have found some of the oldest known human impacts in the Great Rift Valley in East Africa including parts of Kenya. Has prompted some of the studies was carried out by members of the Leakey family (a family of anthropologists) and other scientists to believe that there may be groups of people may have inhabited this region for two million years see the wiki, family. But did not know until now very little about the lives of these people. Since about 3000 years began to different groups of displaced people in Kenya to the area from different parts of Africa. The first groups are the ancestors of the current Kenyan, and they were engaged in farming and herding, fishing

Like most African countries Tzhrk nature and Takhaddk to calm myself contemplating the wildlife away from the bustle and noise and crowds, the "Kenya", which combines several variations of the mountains and forests and seafronts, even in the climate contradictory, where mountain peaks covered with snow and deserts extended and the coasts and plains

Start the land of Kenya coastal marshes grow mangrove forests, followed by the coastal plain runs the length of the country from north to south.
And spread formations, coral reefs near the coast, increasing surface elevation to the west and north, where the plateau of Kenya, which increases the height to the west and south-west, and varies the height of 1.500 m and 2,500 m, and the highest mountains of Kenya and a height of 5.196 meters, in the north-west of Kenya going edge of gully, where there Rdlv Lake, has emerged from the edges of high sometimes 3000 meters
Diversity and difference struck up a climate of Kenya, it belongs to the model tropical, but Alojoal climate depends on the degree of width or height, areas are the coastal plains and adjacent high-temperature high-humidity, while the mountainous areas lowering the temperature and increasing rainfall, and less rain in the far north, and turn the region into model of semi-desert

Cities in Kenya and wildlife
The name Nairobi words Ankir Nyarob of the language of the Maasai, which means fresh water, because this area was a hole spring water to irrigate the Maasai and their flocks, and occupies Nairobi heart of Kenya is a major gateway to the wildlife reserve and national parks in East Africa.
The Masai Mara is rich in wildlife and birds, and witnessing the seasonal migration of wild animals, and zebras in communities tractor up to a population of millions to follow the loop to stay that do not cut off and crawl between Tanzania and Kenya in search of new places of herbal

The sight of animals more than a million moving through the territory of the savannah grasslands and is one of nature scenes rare impressive, and varied landscape of huge Masai Mara between the plains of vast and the Valley Great Rift and forest lands, and bisects the Mara River protected large into two parts and provides a natural habitat rich fauna along its banks , Mara is home to lions, cheetahs, hippos, elephants and giraffes.
For low-Liwa, Fathtdhan a wide range and variety of natural life in one of the most beautiful parts of Kenya, and controls the scene south of Kenya, snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, where its southern border rises to 500.6 feet above sea level

There in the front semi-desert northern Kenya three wildlife refuges are the Samburu and Buffalo Spring and a young man, and these reserves are located at a distance of 325 km from Nairobi on the outskirts of northern Kenya are huge.
She was known for this region Bslaladtha animal unique living here like a donkey Griffey, brutal and giraffe structure, and adapted some of these strains of climates dry so they can survive long periods without water and keep her life taking advantage of the moisture they derive from grasses and twigs you eat