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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Ireland

The history of Ireland features several, the first that affected its geographical location for the European continent, and the second is the relevance to England, which tried to control and to resist their parents for that, and third is destructive wars witnessed by Ireland, and Fourthly religious and political persecution in which, the most recent economic crises experienced by and made a lot of people migrating to other countries.

  Ireland have been for a number of migrations in the period BC The first was in 6000 BC., When it received people from Scotland and settled. Migrations and other folks to others in 3000 BC. M, as well as in 2000 BC. M and in 400 BC. M. He left each of those immigrants made ​​their mark on the history of ancient Ireland. Christianity began in the country in the sixth century AD by St. Patrick in the mid-tenth century after he Alnormaon to seize most of the island.

  Began the reign of King Henry II to Ireland since 1172, while the British control began in 1534, followed by the suppression of the Catholic population. Ireland joined the United Kingdom in 1801.

Easter Holiday in 1916, the radical revolution against the British, but failed most of its leaders were executed. Britain, the island was divided in 1921 into two parts, south and north, and in 1922 declared the independence of the northern part Airanda without them, which led to the outbreak of civil war until next year between moderates and radicals.

  Remained the question of Ireland (predominantly Catholic) and separated from the northern part (predominantly Protestant) of which is the first and last concern of the history of modern Ireland to this day. Representative current radical by the radical National Independence Party (Sinn Fein), founded in 1905, which calls for unification, and other parties have led the revolutions against the government loyal to Britain and the British army.

Irish Republic declared in 1937 by one, recognized by Britain. Ireland remained neutral in World War II (1939-1945). Was a founding member in 1948 at the European Organization (OEEC) and the year 1949 in the Council of Europe, the previous exit of Ireland from the Union of the Commonwealth. Began the Irish Republican Army (the military wing of the party barns Fein) armed struggle in 1955 to unify the island, who helped reignite the civil war in the north in 1968 between the supporters of unity with the south (Catholic) and opponents (Protestants), which continued to turn to the year 1998.

Ireland joined in 1973 to the European Community, Year 1993 of the European Union and the year 1999 to the European Trade Union introduced the euro single currency later. Announced by Britain and Ireland in 1993 the eligibility of "all" people of Ireland to self-determination and calling for peace talks in general. Following Zllk the Irish Republican Army announced in the next year to stop its military operations from one side, military organizations began the work of Protestant ideals.

 In the midst of these events, the Irish President Robinson (Robinson) in 1996, the first visit by an Irish president to Britain. The signing of the peace agreement between all of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain in 1998 to end the civil war in Northern Ireland, to form a government for the first time in Northern Ireland in 1999. Peace talks are still to this day

Multiply the plains in the center of the country, surrounded by hills as we head on the sea, punctuated by a large number of lakes. Shannon River, which runs through the country from north to south, is the longest rivers of the country, and Lugh Ning Lake (Lough Neagh) is the largest lakes. There are many natural parks in Ireland. Ireland is located in the northwestern part of the European continent, North Atlantic Ocean, separating them and the Irish Sea between Britain
Cold climate of Ireland in the winter, with temperatures reaching to the level of freezing in many parts of the country, and cool in the summer with the loss of almost daily rains that are falling most of the year. Ireland's climate is affected greatly by wind coming from the western Atlantic, the weather in Ireland, the daily rituals of the most volatile in the world and difficult to separate periods during the year to predict condition

Occupies the territory of Republic of Ireland 3 / 4 of the territory of the island of Ireland, and the appearance is dominated by plane, and scattered highlands in the eastern and southern Ireland, and flatten the land in the East and West sections, with a maximum fall in the middle region, where there are some lakes

Belongs to the population of Ireland and the Irish national Aloarich called me Oarich - Man, they are descended from the Celtic assets. Assets of most of the population is Kltah, while there is also the assets of English. High density in the east and south, and about a third of the population in the metropolitan area, and human activity is in agriculture, grazing, mining, timber, and some light industry, and the most important agricultural yields of wheat, barley, oats, beets, and livestock consisting of cattle (7 million head), sheep (4 million head), and produces natural gas and coal, lead, zinc, and silver

Celtic Ireland is famous for its culture, especially Irish music. Despite the small number of the population of Ireland, the Irish culture has been able to spread in Europe and the world, despite the significant impact of the culture of English neighbors. Thanks to so many famous Irish writers Ireland Kashrat bone, including: Bernard Shaw (Shaw), Oscar Wilde (Wilde) and George Barclay (Barkley). There are also a number of famous pop Magnnin come from Ireland, such as a course (The Corrs), Yu Tu (U2) and Kiltk and Le Mans.

  There in the capital Dublin excellent network and the Organization of buses developed and that serve different segments of society including the elderly and disabled people with ease, in Dublin to find a company Dublin Bus (Dublin Bus), which provides transportation to various areas of the capital Dublin, and the company with services and buses especially at suitable for private views, such as: airport Line (Air Link) Airlink, a rapid bus service around the clock from the city center and main train stations in Dublin and the airport.

Trip bus Dublin (Dublin Bus Tours) Dublin bus tour and the bus takes you on a tour of the most important tourist attractions in the capital and can descend from the bus at any point of the stop set to see what you want then it's back line of the bus again with the same ticket which is valid for 24 hours with the knowledge that you will find the bus stop at the point in less than 15 minutes from the breakpoints of the 23 point where you will find many bus specialized for this purpose only.

 Bus North Coast and Castles (North Coast and Castle) Dublin Tour - North Coast & Castle, where he is also assigned for the purpose of tourism to take you on a tour of the country's northern beaches, castles, ancient monuments located in the north. Bus South Coast and Gardens (South Coast Land Gardens) Dublin Tour - South Coast & Gardens, where it was reserved for the purpose of tourism as well as to take you on a tour of the southern shores of the country gardens and pervasive. Ghost bus (bus Joost) Dublin Tour - GhostBus saluting that is dedicated to lovers of excitement, adventure and suspense.

  In the city of Cork and Limerick City to provide a company (Iarnród Éireann) transport network within the city. The availability of public transport and railway special discount for students, without exception, if they have a student card for the reduction of transport prices, which are effective for the entire year low and an amount of 12 euros. - And buses in Ireland There are two types: a peaceful environment and harmful to the environment