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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the Eiffel Tower / Paris

Eiffel Tower (French: Tour Eiffel) tower is an iron available in the Champ de Mars (Square March) near the River Seine carry his name from the designer Gustave Eiffel and one of the most features known in Europe due to the number of visitors, which topped six million visitors a year (in 2005).

Gustave Eiffel designed the tower to be a distinctive gateway to the international exhibition in 1889 at Paris, which approved the centenary of the French Revolution, where the French showed the technical capacity at the time. The cost of construction of the tower construction of about 7.8 million French francs, gold, much of which was recovered from the ticket sales of this exhibition.

In 1964 the tower was registered on the list of historical monuments of the city of Paris
Began construction in January 26, 1887, and continued for 26 months with the participation of approximately 50 engineers and 300 workers; where they were in the first five months building the foundations While it took to build the tower one and twenty four months following, ending all business in the March 31, 1889. The tower was officially opened on May 6, 1889.

The period 1887-1889 was the construction standard, and given the tools available in that era and compare it with the precision and magnitude that characterized this building.
The tower of 18.038 a piece of iron and 2.5 million total stud and weighs 10.100 tons, which is based on the four columns made ​​up between the base dimensions of 125 * 125 meters of any area of ​​15.625 square meters
There are stairs in the tower contains the original 1665 score, but was allowed only to the public use until the second round. Therefore, reaching the summit is through the use of a lift in this role. The Haman Elevators around 100 flights daily to and from the summit; an average trip every 8 minutes approximately

Total height of the tower construction time of 300 meters (984 feet), then add the banner in the same year, bringing the height to 312 meters (1024 feet), but after the addition of broadcast antenna on top, the total height of the tower 324 meters (1063 feet), is considered one of the tallest towers in the world

Levels of the tower
· The first round: 57.63 meters (189 feet)
· The second round: 115.75 meters (380 feet)
· Third round: 276.13 meters (98,181,806 feet)
· Overall Height (antenna): 324 meters (2009 feet)
Due to the strength and height of the tower has opened the door for a lot of potential uses for the tower. The variety of these uses in the following

At the beginning of 1906 witnessed the first attempts to use it in broadcasting, that actually entered service in 1920.
As well as the tower saw the first attempts to use in television broadcasting from 1921 to 1935, but the service has already started since 1957.

Since the completion of this construction, the kiss of many scientists, engineers and researchers to use in conducting various experiments, whether related to the weather or the free fall of objects or monitoring and other uses. In 1909, a tunnel was built for the air to do some research

There are two restaurants in the tower offer their services to visitors and offers a panoramic view of the city of Paris, namely:
· The first round: Restaurant "Altitude 95"
· The second round: Restaurant "Le Jules Verne" (with private elevator in the southern corner of the tower)

From the beginning, put Gustave Eiffel in the account that is used for artificial lighting to illuminate the tower, where it was first installed a lighting system on the occasion of the International Exhibition in 1899. The tower over all types of illuminations throughout its history starting from the jazz and even electricity. In 2000 and to celebrate the new millennium, the installation of an integrated system of lighting contains:
· 20,000 LED lighting (by 5,000 in each side).
· 40 km from the electrodes.
· 40,000 and 80,000 related electrical parts other metal (weighing about 60 tons).
· 230 for panels and electrical boxes.
· 10,000 m 2 of electrical safety nets.
· 120 kilowatts of energy.

 In order to preserve the tower from rust, needs a maintenance and repainting regularly. This process is done periodically every 7 years, where consumption is 50 tons of paint, and it takes 15 months to complete fully. Carry out this process manually through 25 workers trained using the 1500 paint brush.
Since its inception in 1889 until 2003, the tower over a total of 18 operations coating, was the last of which took place in the period between December 2001 and July 2003, then decided that the operation of the nineteenth ff as follows:
· Every 5 years: paint the tower from the first round to the top.
· Every 10 years: paint the entire tower.
Back right of ownership of the tower to the municipality of Paris; where the company managing the tower to their advantage and generate this on the city of Paris, huge amounts of money each year, paying visits to the Eiffel Tower from adult 10.70 euros - in 2005 - compared to a ticket led to the top of the tower, and is therefore of the highest yields in the world

I expect Gustav Eiffel to visit the Tower annually 500 thousand visitors, but the reality has surpassed expectations; the visitors to the tower in the first year it opened in 1889 close to 2 million visitors, while the figure jumped in 2005 to 6 million, and in 2002 received the Tower Visitor No. 200 000 000 has been created.
Thus it is top of the tower can be seen across Paris in a wonderful panoramic image, you can either Mtamah can be a meal appetite, and night lights View of Paris landmarks and scenery. All of this has to be at the top of the Eiffel Tower tourist attractions throughout the European contracts