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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Coimbra / Portugal

The city of Coimbra in central Portugal, the west, the small, and to the side Braga, one of the most urban areas and civilian in Portugal after the historic capital of Lisbon (south), and the city of Porto known (N).
And about this city that do not exceed a population of 100 thousand people, from the capital, more than two hundred miles away, and Porto, more than a hundred kilometers, and is its importance is probably a long time ago in the university mission and the famous, the University of Coimbra, which is similar to Salamanca, northwest Spain The first European universities, Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking world the same, but this is probably the city was the capital of the country during the twelfth century.
Is still a city that sits on a hillside on the banks of the River Mondego, until now, learning centers primarily Portuguese, European and internationally, as where there are a lot of foreign students, giving it an international flavor, in addition to Mhalitha natural and beautiful. This also has a lot of services needed by tourists and visitors throughout the year

It is said that the city is called the Arabic name Baklmria or Qlnria, was one of the cities, the Portuguese played a role important in the presence of Muslims in Andalusia, it was more like a station key trade between the regions of Spain, the Christian north and Muslim areas in the south dimension that occupied by the Muslims in 711, before that occupied by the king of Castile Ferdinand I the beginning of the atheist's.
After the stability of the Christians, Portugal became the provincial capital city that bears its name, and later the capital of the kingdom, the Kingdom of Alfonso Enrique until the middle of the thirteenth century. The consequences of the original town and the old, dating back to the days of the Romans found in the city was dubbed the «Aaminyum» (Aeminium).
  But the name came from the Coimbra modern name of the town nearby, which devastated the ancient town of Suebion Coimbraga (Conimbriga); as having destroyed the town, its inhabitants deported to Aaminyum, and later imposed a new name. The tourists can see and watch the effects of the alleys and under the ancient arches ROMANIAN Michadhu de Castro Museum, which is the most important Romanian effects that have been preserved in the world outside of Italy, along with some features of the Lebanese city of Baalbek

This was the alleys and arches is part of the Romanian city of old, of course, that was built to support the forum, which was built by the Romans over a platform for trade and entertainment, and during the Middle Ages was built above the headquarters of the Patriarch. Which is actually the most beautiful Romanian effects that can be seen anywhere, in terms of size, are very high and massive stone arches and track, some are separated by only light.
However, as mentioned above, did not become of any importance to the city in 1290 after the establishment of any major university these days is an international tourist destination in itself for the beauty of its buildings and their historical and scientific.
And because in the western regions of Central, it does not mean that it is not possible for tourists to reach beaches, Portuguese and enjoy the coastal areas of Portugal and its products also in the summer, and can easily catch the train or bus official cheap price to the city of Figueira, which is located not more than forty kilometers, and are considered part from the area of ​​Coimbra itself, and includes the city, in addition to beautiful beaches and marine services, some of the casinos for the entertainment in the Iberian Peninsula
 And of course there are lots and lots of water sports activities and facilities on their own Atlantic. And fleeing from coastal areas, tourism and noise, can be transmitted from Coimbra also through the use of cheap transportation to the government areas and neighboring mountain towns Klausa that do not exceed a population of 15 thousand people. This small town or city is the birthplace of the famous Portuguese liqueurs Bierao, and the ancient castle relaxing tourists around in cafes throughout the year.
There is also a town Binakuva and towns of Luso and Bokako and Korea who are known historically in the world of Arabic or spa resorts spa treatment natural health. The town Bokako which also called the Sierra de Busako of the most beautiful towns and the highest in the vicinity; is mountainous and green and old from which to control the Atlantic and Valley Mondego, and enjoy the beauty of buildings and hotels of old, which dates some of which date to the Middle Ages, especially the Palace Hotel and Bokako and the National Palace center. It is also reported as forest Kpldat Mount Lebanon, and with too much oak and cork trees and lots of fruit trees and bird species

 This does not mean that the city does not provide the delicious tourist potential of the services and to mess around and enjoy the weather good, but on the contrary, they along with its advantages of geographical proximity to these towns are beautiful and exciting and far from the world sometimes has tremendous natural resources along with many museums and parks or gardens and local markets, nightlife and cafes, libraries, churches and other cultural monuments and heritage important
One of the main areas that had assumed the city is the Convent of Santa Clara, Villa or Santa Clare, which was built in Gothic style on the left bank of Mondego, by Queen Elizabeth in the first half of the fourteenth century. Has been to save the old monastery and mausoleum, which was picked at, and transportation to a nearby hill, from river flooding in winter. There is also the Convent of Santa Cruz or Holy Cross Monastery, also known as the Church of Santa Cruz, which is considered a masterpiece and a national and global in terms of architectural and religious.

  The date of the monastery, which includes the remains of his tomb of the kings of Portugal and its people, to the twelfth century, was built outside the walls of the old city. The monastery was designed from the inside beautiful Romanesque style Alawgustini

There is also the important sights of the building the old cathedral monastery, the most important building in Portugal, designed or built the Romanesque style, inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The monastery was built after the Battle of Oraki beginning of the twelfth century when King Alfonso Enrique declared himself king of the country. He is still a building much better than the cathedrals dating back to the same class in the capital, Porto, Braga, and the building really amazing in terms of cool interface and huge stone orange or purple color Bbwabth largest structure, and on the inner courtyards and arches, and different parties of it in terms of domes and towers.
Harbin and the effects of the cathedrals and the beauty and splendor of the surrounding environment, can visit the botanical garden of the University of Coimbra, which opened the end of the eighteenth century, and was later incorporated in the Museum of Natural Sciences. These are gardens that are spread over an area of ​​thirteen hectares of land, of the most beautiful and best parks in the European continent and the world, divided gardens into two parts; the first head of the valley, which is crowned, and the second in the region lying with frequent water fountains and models European

  Of Coimbra Hotels: Hotel «Astoria» (Hotel Astoria) - Address: Av. Emidio Navarro n 21, 3000 - 150 Coimbra (Coimbra) - Number of rooms: 62 rooms - 3-star - from 55 euros per night, the most beautiful hotel in the city residential Bembnah luxury and classic dome front and Blkonath and balconies of old and wonderful, also of hotels Central University City overlooking the River Mondego, which divides the city into two parts, known as the hotel as a European hotels and important international and classical in the city, so it is close indeed from many of the facilities important city, tourist sites and main business, including the library of the University Baroque style, the Museum Machado de Castro, and the Baika (Baixa) wonderful and beautiful cobbled streets known as the small and traditional cafes and shops and churches also

Hotel «Comfort The city of Coimbra» (Comfort Inn Almedina Coimbra) - Title: Av.Fernao Magalhaes, 199, 3000 - 176 Coimbra - Number of rooms: 75 rooms - 3-star - from 50 euros per night. Part of a chain of hotels of the group «The Comfort». This hotel has a good an excellent location close to the river, and surrounded by gardens from all over the world, and has also managed an excellent focus on quality in services, and that believes in the hotel, mostly in the rooms and public halls, whether recreational or Atsalatyh or relaxation, the hotel has a glass of the building and the modern, business center, and his men as well, and a laundry, a restaurant, bar and cafe with a Portuguese flavor pure.

Hotel «Best Western d. Louis »(Best Western Hotel D. Luis) - Address: Rotunda Da Ponte Santa, 3040 - 091 Coimbra - Number of rooms: 100 rooms - 4 star - from 45 euros per night. Part of a series «Best Western» Hotels in Portugal, the hotel occupies a hill overlooking the city and across the main river, a broad white unmistakable, and is surrounded by trees and vegetable gardens. And so is also considered environmental few hotels in the region and Portugal, the hotel is not far from the center of the city, so enjoy the calm and Bhassanta access to other parts of the city and its services. Are furnished and designed the hotel rooms only for the convenience of customers and residents, which is usually businessmen, university professors, part of them.

 Hotel «Tripp Coimbra» (Tryp Coimbra) - Address: Av Armando Gonçalves Lote 20, 3000 059 Coimbra - Number of rooms: 133 rooms - 4 star - from 45 euros per night - part of a series «TRIP» Hotels in Portugal. This hotel also has a glass façade huge and big, is one of the city's hotels large and modern, which began focusing recently on tourism services, family and business and international, concerned with active business and public and private institutions, but with this it is hotels comfortable and beautiful in terms of interior design and large rooms and elegant

 , And this modern hotel is located in a residential area is also a modern city, many areas, not far from the historic university city and the university hospital itself, and is therefore linked to main roads and fast in the city, accessible to the train station within minutes.
In any case, stay at this hotel clean and comfortable worth thinking about the visitor who wants to stay for a long time

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