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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the city of Hiroshima / Japan

Hiroshima (Japanese: 広 島 市) is a city in Japan, located on the island of "Honshu", and oversees the "Gulf of Hiroshima." Capital "of Hiroshima prefecture," and the largest cities. Known internationally for it was the first city in the world received by an atomic bomb. A population of about 1,136,684 people (2003).
Built the port - which is the latest in Japan in terms of equipment - and many other industrial facilities on the dock and offshore rigs, artificial. Industries in the "Hiroshima," a variety of textiles, Balgmaih industry, the "Sake" (local beer).
The city was founded in 1594 AD, six of the islands located on the Delta River, "Utah." Evolved and the city became a center for trade, were also set up a military base in 1868.

On 6 August 1945 a United States aircraft ("Enola Gay"), piloted by Colonel Paul Tabets, dropped the atomic bomb (bomb A) on the city "Hiroshima," destroyed 90 percent of the buildings and facilities of the city, and killed more than 80,000 people and injured 90,000 others, and left tens of thousands without shelter (in 1945 the city population was 350,000 people).
Three days later, the United States dropped another bomb on the city of Nagasaki. Killed evacuated more than 75,000 people.

Does not know the direct cause at the feet of the United States to do this was the Japanese empire did not call it a dying two nuclear bombs to force Japan to surrender. However, the rationale the U.S. non-declared that the fighter the Japanese fighters stubbornly not giving up and the intransigence of the soldier Japanese cause loss of life among American soldiers was necessary to send a U.S. unambiguous to break the stubborn Japanese The message the U.S. bomb Hiroshima did not bow to the Japanese until after the bomb Nakasaka .
After the war and under the supervision of "Tangi Kenzo" (a famous Japanese architect) has been rebuilding the city, took the business activities then regain vitality

The atomic bomb had been used twice. The first blast was the most famous in the city of Hiroshima. Has dropped the uranium bomb, weighing more than 4.5 tons and took the name "Little Boy" on Hiroshima on the sixth of August 1945. Oaowi bridge was chosen, one of 81 bridges connecting the seven-branched delta of the Ota River, a point target. And Ground Zero was set at 1,980 feet.
  At eight o'clock and fifteen minutes the bomb was dropped from the Enola Gay. Has missed its target and landed on a little after 800 feet. At the eighth and six in fifteen minutes flash of an instant, 66,000 people were killed and 69,000 were injured by explosive consisting of 10 kilotons

 The fumes from the blast with a diameter estimated inclination and a half. The cause of the blast completely destroyed one mile in diameter. Also caused severe destruction to the area of ​​two miles in diameter. In the two miles in diameter and a half burned completely because everything is burning. What remains of the bombing was a glowing reddish or from extreme heat. Flame was extended for more than three miles in diameter.
- Says a woman survivor of the massacre, "I was 12 years old, was the day Shawwa ... suddenly I saw a bolt of lightning or something like tens of thousands of lightning flashing in the moment and one, then a deafening explosion, and suddenly there was the place total darkness, when I woke up and found Mabla my hair and my clothes torn, and the skin was falling from my body, my flesh and my bones are visible and exposed.
- Everyone was suffering from severe burns, and they were crying and screaming and going down on their faces as if they were a line of ghosts. - We have covered our city into darkness after it was just teeming with life, Valhakol burned no longer reminds us there is life

- This lady is still alive so far, and she underwent fifteen surgery to repair her face, which strongly distort, but says: "I am lucky to just thankful to be alive."
- Different experts in the evaluation of this act the U.S. Some of them supported the American view, which said that the bombs hastened the end of World War, and save millions of human deaths.
- Others argue that this is just to justify the irrational, as they see that the war had come to an end, much will be long term, and what America has done nothing but display the muscles behind it wanted to receive the prestige and impose control over the world.
- An estimated 140 thousand people were killed by the bomb and the subsequent implications