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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Antalya / Turkey

Rivera took the name of Antalya Turkey has a natural beauty and effects. Antalya is complete harmony and the sea and sun, history and charm of nature. And the most beautiful and cleanest beaches of the Mediterranean Sea along the 630 kilometers. And on the shores of Antalya, there are ancient cities and ports, cemeteries and archaeological inlet serial, sand and green forests, rivers and streams

The most important tourist center of Antalya in Turkey because of their modern places and the castle up the corners with a beautiful Mmaritha local marina owner and international award and its streets, extended and surrounded by palm trees. It is a place for celebrations Ospandos ballet, opera and a place for beach volleyball at the international level and Treattlon and golf competitions, and throwing the arrow, tennis and skating competitions and other events. In 1995, the Antalya Cultural Center opened in addition to the plastic arts, music, theaters, galleries and many cultural and art events taking place in many Antalya

It was a citadel of Alanya in history a place inhabited permanently because of the inaccessible by land and by sea Adha, one of the hundreds of castles, which were decorated by the region of Anatolia, which has remained steadfast to our day, one of castles that have been preserved and protected the best form of .

After the end of World War I, the city of Antalya landed under the Italian occupation, disease, and some archaeologists to search and exploration on the effects on the pretext of civilization in the city of Antalya and the surrounding areas were taken and what they found the effects to the Italian consulate. And in 1919 this business to Waste the teacher Mr. Royal Solomon intellectual apply to the responsible party in Antalya and make them appointed by the Honorary Officer of the effects of old and he immediately collect antiquities in the city center and maintained in the Antalya Museum

 In 1922 the Museum of Antalya in the Mosque of Aladdin, and in 1937 transferred to the collector Ivili, and in 1972 transferred to the new building. Because of the comprehensive reforms closed the museum in 1982. And after the reforms and amendments was opened again in April 1985 and form the new image.

And Antalya (formerly known as Adalia or Otalia; from the Greek Albamvelah: Αττάλεια Attáleia) is a city located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southwest Turkey, the capital of the province of Antalya. Located on the coastal slopes, and surrounded by mountains. Transformed development and investment, who starting in the seventies, the city to a major international resort.
Antalya is located in south-western Anatolia, on the Gulf of Antalya on the Mediterranean, about 244 km about 244 km (152 miles) from Ankara, 0.255 kilometers (158 miles) 255 km from Adana 0.222 kilometers 222 kilometers (138 miles) from Izmir 0.300 kilometers (186 miles) 300 km from Istanbul

The mountains of the Taurus Mountains in southern Anatolia, a parallel set of the Mediterranean Sea in the east and west, resulting in the formation of narrow coastal plains surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on the fourth. Plunging some parts of the coast mountains of sharply into the sea, forming small bays and peninsulas. Antalya is located on a plain where the mountains recede from the shore, and consists of two flat components of the travertine rocks on the rise in average 35 meters (115 feet); located downtown on the rocky plateau closer to the coast, and with the expansion of urban sprawl to the inside so easy Kypezosto

Antalya's economy depends on a combination of tourism, agriculture and trade, with some light industries. Agricultural production includes citrus fruit, cotton, flowers, olives, olive oil and bananas. Market Food City Antalya covers 65% of the demand of fresh fruits and vegetables to Turkey

Includes tourist attractions, sites and natural historical Turkish Riviera, which made ​​the Antalya Airport and one of the busiest in the Mediterranean region retains the historic center of the city (Kaleici), with his hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants, and markets much of the historical character of the city; and won restoration award

The city contains the sites affected by the architecture, culture and Allikih Alpmvilih, and Greek, but mainly the Romanian culture and architecture, Byzantine, and Ottoman Alslogih.
Square of the Republic, is the main square in the city, at times opens temporary special exhibitions and performances in the open air.
Kaleici longer, narrow cobbled streets and houses the Turkish and Greek history, is the old center of Antalya, now mainly hotels, gift shops, and bars. New hotels such as Sheraton, stretching along the coast, the highest neighborhoods and beaches Konyaalti Lara
Festivals and events
• There are a number of sporting events, including racing cars.
· Festival Antalya Golden Orange Film: is the largest national festival of films in Turkey, will be held in the last week of September
· Eurasia International Film Festival: Film Festival annually Dolaaakd
· Antalya Festival: September
· Mediterranean festival of international music: October, 6 days
· Festival Antalya International Folk Music Dance competition: In the last week of August
· Festival, Aspendos International Opera and Ballet: June and July
· Mayflower Festival
 Antalya has beaches which Konyaalti, Lara and Karbozkadran. For winter sports, is both the resorts and Beydağları Saklikent natural beauty of the city.
A large number of mosques, churches and religious schools, baths in the city. Kaleici, port, from which the city walls enclose is the oldest part of the city. Kaleici contain several historic homes with traditional architecture, local Turkish and Greek.
Historic sites in the city center
· Kaleche: the historical center of the city, now is the tourist center of the city and its hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and markets. Kaleici retains much of its historical character, having obtained the restoration of the Golden Apple Award for Tourism.
· The old building to include nights the city walls, Hıdırlık Tower, Hadrian's Gate (also known as triple gate), and the clock tower.
· Hadrian's Gate: constructed in the second century BC by the Romans in honor of Emperor Hadrian.
· Kesik beacon (Broken Minaret): Once a Byzantine church, converted later into a mosque.
· Minare (Fluted minaret decorated): It was built by the Seljuk tiles decorated with dark blue and turquoise, and the minaret has recently become a symbol of the city.
• It is the other Islamic buildings in the city: Karate School, Ahi Yusuf Mosque Masidi, Murad Pasha mosque, Masjid Tkala Mohammed Pasha, Sinan Efendi Mosque and Osman Efendi Mosque