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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Annaba / Algeria

One of the cities of Annaba, Algeria, formerly was called Pune. Located in the north east of Algiers on the Mediterranean coast is the fourth city in Algeria in terms of importance. And its harbor of the most important ports on the Mediterranean Sea, the capital of the mandate of Annaba

Founded originally as a city Phoenician, where founded by the Phoenicians around the 12th century BC. M approximately, has been founded by colonists from Tyre, Lebanon, known as''Hiboun''and was one of their colonies important has given the city its name of the bay which was located it was known as (Hipnensis Rajaban) and later the Romans called it Hypo Ragios

Allied with the Hippo and Carthage easily contacted by the relative proximity to them, thus becoming the Punic cities very important. During the First Punic War (264-241 BC). King (Gaia) King Almasala Numidian tribe occupied the city and the Carthaginians, but recaptured it later.

 And the city became the headquarters of the kings of Alnomidiin was granted independence after the Punic Wars (264-146 BC). And for that reason the Romans called it the nickname "Ragios" which means "Royal
In the first three centuries AD were Hippo of the richest cities "Africa ROMANIAN" The port is known (Alavrodaseyoum) the proportion of the goddess Aphrodite (Venus Romanian) initially granted Hypo rights Almenesebayoum (partial rights of citizenship, Romanian), but later granted the rights of Cologne (Roman colony with the full citizenship rights).
Hypo Ragios become a center of Christian thought has lived in the city and one of the greatest religious figures in the Christian world, namely St. Augustine (354-430 AD Btagst Ahras market today), who was a bishop since the year 396, and is one of the symbols of the city. We know the names of seven Kadisien Christians of Hippo Rigos old, including: (Theozhins) and (Videntios) who died martyrs, as the texts the Church, and St. (to Aontios Valerius), who was appointed St.

  Augustine, as we find the Great Physician, in addition to St. Augustine himself, who knew Hypo Rigos in the custody of the existence of three Christian monasteries in the diocese (Episcopal) within the Episcopal monastery, also held in the city under Augustine Christian gatherings of three years (393 AD 395 AD 0.426 m

Exposed to the siege of Hippo by the Vandals continued to run four months, and fell into their hands in 431, led by their king, "Zhinsark", and during that period died of St. Augustine. Only Alkatdraúaho Library "St. Augustine" survived the general destruction caused to the city. After the Vandals Hypo Ragios become the property of the Byzantines in 533 the time of Emperor Justinian, that the Muslim Arabs came and conquered in 697.
The Arabs called it "Annaba" the proportion of jujube trees. And noted that "the mosque of Sidi Bou Marwan", which dates back to the 11th century built the pillars of the effects belonging to the Romanian Hypo Ragios.
The French occupied it for several months in 1830, returned to the year 1832. The city was built new since 1870

Annaba city of science, art, beauty and Tsra lovers and infect their minds strongly crazy families, lie down in Dalal on the edge of the sea White is the child fierce caressed waves of the Mediterranean with its feet and leans her head in the south of Mount Alaedog Bgabath beautiful harmonious and its fields and gardens beautiful witch is Pune woman beloved, wonderful what created it the Creator, about by 600 km east of the capital, has a border with the participation of each of Guelma, Skikda, El Tarf. Available this city on the potential of huge tourist, making it the pole regionally, nationally and internationally for excellence with an area of ​​coastal and wide, and has as well as all types of movement of the vehicle bus to the train and plane and recently was re-run the elevators air, which overlooks from which all parts of the city.
Sons of Bashir artists Blonas a larger Alnhathin and visual artists in Algeria who honored this small city Bbesmth deals in contemporary art, Annabi, Hamdi Hassan, a Lebanese leaders familiar Annabi

Annaba, by virtue of its excellent geographical and Terbaha on the coastal strip of sea interface is estimated at about 80 km, characterized by the diversity of terrain, making it a magnet for tourists to enjoy the sunshine and clear waters and relax on the golden sand. The sun here rises early and reflected beauty of the city at sunset the earth green cover plant variety, and blue sky blue water, warm sea, as it was, and still place the dream of every tourist walking his heart to her beauty. And One of the victims of the families of Dr. and Algerian writer Azzedine Mihoubi when he said: Annaba whenever the city spread in time the more compact and beautiful girl. And includes the coast Annabi fifteen beach for swimming and recreation characterized boasts the beauty and most important of these beaches are: beautiful scenery, Kharruba, Rvas Zhuan addition to the beach distinguished "LA FONTAINE Roman" hotbed of Mustavin where they spend time freely enjoying the purity of air and soft sand. And how do we find Sryde Where palace park sits amid a dense forest.

Trees on the slope of a valley relaxed on the beach mixed with the Hippocratic blue water and yellow sand and green trees to form a painting of the finest opus creator. Adding to the beauty of white Sryde Elthafeh Bgmama not leave him day and night, and sleep beneath Annaba that look as a bride in her dress as pure white. Annaba and contains tourist facilities recruited to serve tourists as a tourist management of the city of Annaba in addition to several hotels Kalmntzh, Sipos, Reem beautiful, and several restaurants as well as classified and other local dishes made ​​Tzhrk even smell.
The city of Annaba several historic landmarks and the effects, of which the machine Pune, the effects of Hiboun containing an area called Alforom where is the oldest and broadest discovered the limit today as the remains of a theater and amphitheater Orchestra as well as statues, tombs, statue Hekeus, Ascolab, Aphrodite Ion God of the year and the statue of the Goddess of Love The statue of St. Augustine or the Basilica of peace Hiboun on a hill overlooking the ancient city carrying the same name. St. Dbeh has sought to establish this church the encouragement of the Bishop of Algiers Avira. And brought some of the remains of St. Augustine in 1842 to Annaba to be buried in the place reserved for her. He also founded the church in 1881 and was the first Mass in 1886 to put the statue in bronze of St. Augustine

 Mosque of Abu Marwan:
Founded teacher urban by more than ten centuries proceeded to design the late second half of the fourth century of migration has been built year 425 AH under the supervision of Engineer-Andalus, Abu Laith Punic, a model of Andalusian has built on the foundations of a cylindrical, as was the mosque lead roles distinct distributed among the science reported attacks coming from the north of the Mediterranean as a scientific institution and a religious war.
Hiboun The Museum contains a collection of effects including statues and silver and copper pots and paintings from the mosaic of different historical periods experienced by the city

And like the city in neighborhoods districts of the Casbah in Algiers, and contains many large houses with yards and gardens, halls and large are still witness to the taste architect and the degree of progress and urbanization of the population of the city as we see swab construction Andalusian original The craft then she straight bumper in every corner of the house Annabi, among them ceramics, pottery, leather, carpets and Altarabich engraving on wood in addition to the traditional dress that is characteristic of women's burgundy Kalguendorh Alfrghani The House Maroon is not without one of them at least.

 Of visited Annaba night feels like in the garden of bright color used Annabeyen ensure and the hills in the summer nights movement here increase significantly as a Revolution Square, known (cour) kiss all families to address the cups ice cream and refreshments that adorn the decorative tables to enjoy away from the heat of the house and routine of the day . The city is home to several festivals and other national and international festival of traditional dress and folklore,
Hiboun Festival, a festival of song and Almalovih mark the anniversary of the departure of one of the pillars of art Annabi Annabi Sheikh Hassan Song Festival Rock Song Festival Bedouin (trachea) and the Festival of rap and song evenings enjoyed by other burgundy even in the late hours of the night. The jewel of the Middle Pune remain her arms open to anyone who wanted to listen to its beauty and its beaches and recreation in the still entices all visitors